Yoga For Weight Loss – Types & Exercises

Yoga is a traditional form of exercise which helps in focusing the mind, body, and soul. It was practiced in ancient India and people of every age group can experience its benefits. The Yoga word is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj,” which means the union of an individual with the universe.

The practice of yoga includes the physical activity which helps in connecting with the body, mind, and soul. Here, you will learn about Yoga for weight loss, and you can practice them anywhere without any equipment.

Doing yoga is best for your body and also helps in reducing weight. It is a gentle form of exercise for weight loss and also gives effective results. There are so many means to lose weight, but doing yoga will give you other health benefits as well, which includes increased flexibility, mental health, blood circulation, and reducing stress.

Yoga For Weight Loss types exercises

If you are wondering how to lose weight with Yoga, then you have come to the right page. Here, you will get a chance to learn about different yoga styles and Yoga exercises for weight loss, which you can practice at home to get effective results. The regular yoga practice will help you in much more ways than your expectations.

Why is yoga good for weight loss?

When it comes to weight loss, it is a simple equation which is calories consumed vs. calories burned throughout the day. But changing lifestyle habits also play an important role in the weight loss journey. Adding yoga in your daily routine is the best thing you can do. The yoga exercises for weight loss includes the calorie-burning yoga poses, which helps you in losing weight faster and give you long-lasting results.  

Yoga practice will help your body to get back in shape, improve your self-image and well-being. The main cause why people are getting fat nowadays is daily stress. Stress will lead to overeating, which means you will consume more calories without burning enough calories resulting in weight gain. One of the significant health benefits of Yoga is stress reduction and ultimately it will help in weight loss.

Practicing yoga is not enough to shed the extra fat deposited due to years of bad eating habits. You actually have to switch to a healthy lifestyle such as eating vegetables and fruits, drinking plenty of water, and engaging in physical activities. The regular practice of yoga on a daily basis is likely to maintain your body weight.

Different Types of Yoga for Weight Loss:

Are you looking for How to lose weight with yoga? Then at first, you must know about the basic principles of yoga. But if you have never done yoga in your life, then take a beginner-level class to be familiar with the yoga aspects.

Taking the athletic class like Vinyasa Yoga style will burn more calories in a single yoga session. This yoga class will start with the fundamental yoga poses, which include the Sun Salutations and also include the standing poses, which will focus on your movements.

Warm-up before you start the yoga session and it will help you in stretching the muscles gently and preventing the risk of injury while doing yoga asanas. In your yoga classes, you will be introduced with the back bends, deeper stretches, and warm-up exercises. Here are the different types of Yoga for weight loss:

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is one of the incredible and vigorous styles which you can practice in your yoga session. The students who want to practice this yoga style need dedication and discipline. Beginners can also take the classes of Ashtanga Yoga style which helps them to develop the confidence to carry on with more complex postures.

In the Ashtanga Yoga Style, you will learn the same series of yoga poses. Once you learn every yoga pose of this series, you can practice at home or join any yoga class for expanding your knowledge about the Ashtanga yoga. But in the yoga class, you can do the practice Ashtanga yoga according to your pace.

Hot Yoga

The Vinyasa Yoga style is practiced in the hot room up for more sweating, which helps in weight loss. But most of the people think that Bikram and Hot Yoga Style are the same, but they are different from each other. In the Bikram yoga style, you will learn the set of yoga poses, developed by the founder of Bikram yoga, Bikram Choudhary. There are plenty of Hot Yoga styles which you can practice in the room with high temperature, but the same cannot be done with Bikram yoga.

Kripalu Yoga

Anyone can practice this yoga style. This is an individual yoga style which you can practice at home or in a personal yoga class. This yoga style is meant for those who awkward to practice yoga in a group class. If you also feel the same, then you can try this yoga style and get the benefits you want.

Hatha Yoga

The Hatha Yoga Style is a famous yoga style that every yoga enthusiast is aware of. This yoga style not only involves gentle poses, but it also includes the intense yoga poses that students can practice. The postures that you don’t practice in Vinyasa, they are taught in the Hatha yoga sessions. The complex postures will stretch your core muscles and help you to lose fat.

Power Yoga

This type of yoga is very famous and popular in many health clubs and gyms, and also available in the wide range of the yoga studio and yoga retreats. Doing the Power Yoga Style is the best way to reduce the weight from the body. The practice of the Power Yoga will increase the heat and intensity in the body, which helps in reducing the weight.  In this yoga style, you will only learn the fixed series of yoga poses, which gives the best result in the weight loss process.

Integral Yoga

This yoga style is all about integrating the mind with the body to give you a happier life. By joining this yoga style class, you will get the chance to connect with your inner self. This yoga style is specially designed for the people who feel dissociated from their bodies and allows them to connect their body and mind together. Trying this yoga style will make you feel happy and take the stress away, which leads to weight loss.

Gentle Yoga

Doing the Gentle Yoga style will help you to maintain your body with the slow pace of the yoga practice. This yoga style can be practiced by the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level of students. By practicing Gentle Yoga Style, you can connect your mind with the body. It also provides relaxation to your body and keeps you calm from the hectic lifestyle. This yoga style makes it possible to care and nurture for your body.

Practice Yoga at Home:

After you take the classes on How to lose weight doing yoga, it is time to start practicing yoga poses at home without any issue. You can make it a routine to try out different yoga poses at home to avoid accumulating fat once you lose it all. As you maintain the habits, your strength will increase and you will be able to hold the pose for a long time.

Don’t limit the practice to the sessions, as it is crucial that you continue the practice at home as well. To lose weight effectively, your mind and body needs to be synced properly. As your mind and the inner system become healthy, losing weight will get easier after every session.

Start with a slow pace to avoid the possible injuries or straining yourself more than you need to. Attaining the right posture is not an easy task. You have to practice the same pose for days before you master it. In the classes, you will have an instructor who can guide you at every step. But at home, you won’t have a teacher who can correct your postures.

Weight loss is a quite complicated process and you need to be consistent to get visible results as soon as possible. Therefore, you need to schedule the session twice a day. Before engaging with the yoga styles, perform some warm-up exercises like jogging or stretching. This will get you ready for the session and you will be able to avoid possible injuries.

In your weight loss journey, your diet and lifestyle play a major role. If you practice yoga and still your diet is not proper or you continue eating junk food, then the exercise will go in vain. To get in shape, you have to sacrifice a little bit. Mostly it is the bad eating habits you need to keep in control. Along with diet, don’t just sit around the house. Try walking and perform some basic house chores to stay active throughout the day.

10 Yoga exercises for weight loss:

We already know that Yoga is well known for the unification of mind and body, but it serves a greater purpose. You can get in shape and lose extra fat deposited on any body part. For how to lose weight using Yoga, we have 10 yoga exercises for you. The asanas that are mentioned here are the best ones you can try for weight loss.

A combination of these poses will work well but you need to get a better hold on the postures in order to get desired results. Hold the poses for at least 15 to 20 seconds in the start and then try to hold it for longer. The more time you spend in the sessions, the better results you will get for losing weight.


Doing plank in your yoga session is the best way to increase the strength in the core and abdominal muscles. It may seem to look easy to do, but performing plank is tough. The more you practice the plank, the longer you can hold in this position, which makes a big difference in weight loss journey. If you practice plank daily, then you will get abs like hard rock.

How to loss weight doing yoga

Warrior 2

Ancient warriors practiced this yoga asana as it helped them to boost the strength in the thighs and shoulders. The 15 minutes of this yoga practice can give you the best result for weight loss. Longer you hold this yoga asana; the more enhancements will be in the strength in your inner things, quads, and shoulder. The ultimate purpose of this yoga asana is to stay active and relax the mind. Switch sides of your legs after one round, so to make your both thighs and shoulders stronger.

How to loss weight doing yoga

Warrior 3

Practicing this yoga asana helps to make the back, legs, and arms stronger. This yoga pose will not only give you the benefits of maintaining the balance of the body, but it will also help you in reducing the belly fat from the body. The longer you will hold this yoga asana, the more benefits you will get for weight loss.

Yoga exercises for weight loss

Triangle Pose

Doing the Triangle pose will not make your body shake from the inside, as other yoga poses. But this yoga pose is good for the abs, and you can have the solid abs after practicing this yoga pose. Not only it helps you in getting the abs, but it also helps you in improving the digestion and reducing the fat from the body by the twisting of Triangle pose. The daily practice of this yoga pose will help you in building more muscles and burn more calories.

How to loss weight doing yoga

Downward Facing Dog

When it comes to how to lose weight with yoga, the downward-facing dog can’t be ignored at all. You can do the downward-facing dog to get the desired result in weight loss. This yoga pose goes to radical pose from the resting pose, which increases the strength in the back, thighs, and in the arms. To get the most effective result in the weight loss, engage both thighs and rotate while you do the same with your arms. Always breathe while you practice this yoga pose in your yoga session.

Yoga for Weight Loss

Bridge Pose

If you need a great result in weight loss, then a bridge pose is one you should try. While practicing this yoga pose, your chest will reach towards the chin, which helps in giving the proper message to the thyroid gland. Pressing your foot down will help in toning the muscles of back and thighs. It also helps in stimulating the abdominal organs by keeping your digestion proper.

How to loss weight doing yoga

Shoulder Stand

For improving your digestion and your therapy for the thyroid problem, shoulder stand will do wonders in your life. This is the best Yoga pose for weight loss, and you can do this yoga pose daily for the effective result. Practicing this yoga pose will help in balancing the levels of thyroid, boost metabolism, and enhance the respiratory system. This yoga pose also help in enhancing the strength in the upper body, abs, and legs, etc. Try this yoga pose, and get better sleep and have a fresh start every day.

How to Loss weight using Yoga

Twisted Chair Pose

This yoga pose is a version of yoga squats, but it will give you more intense practice as a regular squat. It works on the quads, abs, and glutes. The twist you do while practicing this yoga pose also improves the digestive system. Try to practice all the moves of chair pose together for achieving the weight-loss benefits. Doing this yoga pose can also improve the system of lymph in the body.

Yoga exercises for weight loss

Bow Pose

Bow pose is also an effective yoga pose in reducing the weight from the body. It can give you the effective result if you go deep while you practice this yoga pose and pull your hands and feet into the opposite directions. This yoga pose will give the desired result in enhancing the strength in the thighs, back, and chest, etc. By practicing this yoga pose helps in improving the digestion and give a better massage to the abdominal muscles.

How to loss weight doing yoga

Sun Salutation

It is simple and easy to practice yoga pose for weight loss. Sun salutation stretch and warms up the body muscles, which help in increasing the blood flow in the body. But it does much more than you expect if you practice this yoga pose daily. The practice of Sun Salutations can increase the heat in the inner body at the same time of stretching and toning the major group of muscles. This will help you intone the arms, boost metabolism, and stimulates the digestive system.

How to loss weight doing yoga

Final Word:

That’s all on yoga poses and exercises that help you in weight loss. But, to maintain your weight, you have to rely on the two main things – a healthy lifestyle, and yoga. This guide will surely help you to provide an idea of how to lose weight doing yoga.

If you’ve tried so many different methods for weight loss and fails to accomplish the desired result, then it’s time to give a shot to yoga. With the 20 minutes of the yoga practice per day, you will see a change. But, keep in mind yoga will help you in reducing the weight if you follow the healthy diet. Join Yoga TTC in Rishikesh and learn different types of yoga for weight loss.

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