Yoga is considered to be the latest rave in the fitness industry. Earlier people, especially youth, thought that yoga was only meant for saints and people who have reached their old age. But now, yoga has now extended its roots among youngsters as well. All thanks to celebrities who realized the importance of yoga and started practicing it. Since youth consider celebrities as their role model and follow everything they do, yoga started gaining popularity among youth as well.

How To Find Best Yoga Training Program?

Today people practice yoga to stay fit, to stay young, to get perfect body like celebrities and various other reasons. Looking at the popularity of yoga various yoga teacher-training programs were started but not every program is good. So, here are a few tips that will help you in selecting the best yoga teacher training program.

How To Find Best Yoga Training Program:

  • Certification

Make sure that the yoga teacher-training program which you are considering to join is a certified one. Yoga Alliance is the regulating body for yoga industry and you should opt for Yoga Alliance certified program only. This would ensure that you are at least receiving minimum quality standard set for yoga teacher training program. Also, you will receive all the necessary information.

  • Style or Type of Yoga

This is another important criterion for finding the most suitable yoga teacher training programme. You should be clear about what type of yoga you want to learn or what type of yoga you are being taught. Because of this you will be clear about what you will be able teach your students in future.

If you are not certain about what type of yoga you would like to teach, then get trained in something more broad and general that offers you a great foundation. If you have great foundation,in near future you will be able to add specialty training and get more creative.

  • Know you Teacher

Before going for training, you must devote some time to know your teacher. Whether you are learning some special yoga or general yoga, every teacher has his or her own style of teaching. When you know enough about the teacher, you will be comfortable in learning from him. Also, you will be able to adopt some of his or her style which can prove to be beneficial in teaching your students too. You can learn about your teacher through social media, local trainings, DVDs, books or workshops.

  • Teacher must be Approachable

It is very necessary to find a teacher whom you can approach with all your questions. A good teacher is one who comes to the class early and stays for some time after the class in order to interact with the students and sort their queries. It is actually their way of showing that they care about their students and are always ready to help them.

  • Go Through Reviews

The best way to know about how good a teacher training programme is to go through their reviews and testimonials. This will help you in getting an insight into the teacher training and you will be able to make a better decision.

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