Just like a healthy mind can reside in a healthy body, an appropriate atmosphere is necessary to nurture the body through Yoga. By following this psychology, Sharada Yoga Peeth follows the same psychology in providing the suitable atmosphere to the students. At our setting in Rishikesh provides a surreal atmosphere for every practitioner to immerse students in the Yoga training.

Sharada Yoga Peeth, Rishikesh manages everything with the help of dedicated staff to ensure the aspects of hygiene like proper cleaning, repairing and maintaining. All these practices are done to maintain a soothing and learning environment for our students. If you don’t want to share rooms with others, private accommodation is also available with attached bathroom, beds and sitting space. But the choice of accommodation is to be mentioned while booking.

Aside from the rooms, practitioners will also be provided with 3 meals daily. A dining hall is available where everyone can eat their meals and start their day. The chefs and cooks always prepare the meals from fresh and pure vegetarian ingredients. No non-vegetarian food like eggs or meat will be available. Meals are cooked, keeping in mind that it should energize the person for the training they have to go through the day. Good food ensures that body function smoothly and that is the whole purpose of Yoga.

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