Divine Yoga Academy- Rishikesh, India

Divine Yoga Academy- Rishikesh, India

Our School- our school Divine Yoga Academy is based on the teachings of traditional Hatha Yoga.

The main aim of our academy is to furnish the basic knowledge about yoga to everyone. This is done so that the students who come here to become a veteran in yoga and meditation. The knowledge we inculcate in students is based on the Vedas and its following teachings like Patanjali’s yoga-sutras, Swatmarama’s Hatha-yoga-pradipika and Gheranda-Samhita. We very accurately associate the teachings of traditional yoga with that of modern day yoga.

By getting awareness of the various energies present in our bodies and the endeavor of turning into Om and getting the knowledge we try to unite with the supreme soul.

Our school Divine Yoga Academy has been registered by Yoga Alliance, USA. The training classes on 200hrs, 300hrs, 500hrs and Yoga retreats are offered in Rishikesh (India). Our other courses include Yoga philosophy, Sankhy, vedant, Ayurved and Yoga therapy. We have well experienced teachers for the classes.

You can have a look at our teachers page.


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